Tuesday, December 29, 2009

My December

Well, i'am back.
I'am too lazy to update my blog although a lot of things happen.
Yes, i am lazy.
For my past 10 years, i usually spend my holiday in camp, camp, camp and still camp.
But this year, i've change my mind, and i am going to work.
Not because of money but just feel like ... not interested in camp this year.
That's why i miss a lot of things that i don't know but of course i was also earn something while working.
earn experience , money for sure , friends ...

This is second job from the day i born until now.
Working in Parkson in Gurney actually quite fun but there are a lot a lot of rules you need to follow.
Cannot like this cannot like that, or else will be coaching.
That's crazy man.
Very strict in Parkson especially A class Parkson .
But really can make a lot of friends that is true.
I work for 30++ days only, but still met few siao kia.
Wan, Kwokyong-Perlis(Adam Lamberg), Jinphing-Perlis, Timothy from Padini Authentics
Hocklye, Siew Yee, Emmily from Pumkin Patch
Zalikah from Adidas
3 form 5 boys in front of my counter -2 from Bata n 1 from Kikilala , i don't know their name cause we usually called their brand name..haha
2 girls from Jents department n Seed
2 boys from Quicksilver n Billabong , i don't know their name too
Siti , don't know what post in Parkson but no one afraid of her because she don't know how to write coaching form..haha
and of course my permanent from own counter Hooi Leng and Eugene.
and others......i don't think i can mention all...
so today is my last 3rd days and also the last chance having lunch with Sherrine(but maybe she will eat at home)..

hmm...what else...
o yea, we having a great dinner last night with Hun Mei(including von) in Sam house just because of celebrating a surprise birthday party for ah ling that going back to UK.
She really look surprise when she open the room doors and saw all of us...
{video is not with me}
we took a lot of pictures, but min yen the most. she taking picturenon-stop like crazy, she was addicted in it. God save her please.
Sam n his parents prepared steamboat n desert for us...yummy...
what i like the most is the game that who get last will eat "pang sai zua". hahah...and i alwayz kena.
well, i don't have any pictures with me..so i'am not going to upload to here too...yue guyzjust imagine how fun we are la..may go to myen o eve o weiling blogs , i think they will upload.

That all for today...i am going to work again.